Private Workshops

Simone Zanetti offers intensive private workshops tailored to your company's needs. From assessing your current digital marketing strategy to training your team and crafting a powerful, results-driven approach, these workshops are designed to boost your customer acquisition, enhance your brand reach, and ultimately, increase your gross profit.
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Brand Up Workshops

Outsmart the competition by empowering your marketing team with cutting-edge digital skills.

Supercharge your company’s growth with these tailored workshops. By equipping your sales and marketing team with the latest techniques and skills, you can fast-track your go-to-market process, increase customer acquisition, and extend your brand reach. These workshops are a cost-effective way to invest in your team, propelling your business forward in a remarkably short period of time. More than just generic training, each session is meticulously tailored to align with your company’s goals, current digital strategy, target audience, and objectives. Experience the power of personalized learning and coaching with Simone Zanetti and watch your business transform.

Tailored Digital Marketing Mastery: Accelerate Your Team’s Skills

Up-skill Your Team on Digital Marketing: No matter the size of your company, Simone Zanetti’s private workshops provide a fast-track to mastering the art and science of digital marketing. These intensive, fully-customizable sessions are designed to boost your team’s skills and knowledge, specifically tailored to your industry and business context. Save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on generic trainings, and empower your team with practical, actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately for business growth.

Simone Zanetti Workshop

A-la-carte or All-in

Whether you’re interested in specific subjects that align with your immediate business needs or opting for a comprehensive program that covers the full spectrum of digital marketing strategy and upscaling, the choice is yours. With our ‘A-la-carte or All-in’ approach, you can tailor the workshops to your unique business landscape, ensuring you receive the most relevant and impactful training or opt for a full Digital Marketing strategy and skills program.

Crafting Your Digital Marketing Strategy

This hands-on workshop will guide your team through the process of designing an effective digital marketing strategy. We’ll help you align your marketing efforts with your brand’s unique purpose, optimize your resources, and set tangible goals. You’ll learn how to make every marketing action count, ensuring purposeful and measurable growth. With this knowledge, your team will be equipped to navigate the competitive digital landscape effectively and efficiently.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence

Understand and leverage the power of AI in your marketing strategies. We’ll explore how to use AI to speed up your go-to-market strategy, automate routine tasks, personalize customer experiences, and generate content. Your team will be well-versed in using AI to boost your marketing performance. While AI is currently the trendiest of terms, Simone Zanetti has been driving AI projects since 2022, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to this critical area of digital marketing.

Mastering Neuromarketing

Delve into the intersection of marketing and neuroscience with this workshop. We’ll explore how to use psychological insights to craft marketing strategies that tap into your audience’s subconscious, increasing engagement, lead generation, and sales. Your team will learn how to use neuromarketing techniques to create more persuasive and compelling marketing messages.

Online Advertising Strategy

This workshop will give your team the knowledge to make informed decisions about where and how to advertise online. We’ll explore which types of ads work best for your specific goals and audience, and how to optimize your advertising budget for maximum results. Your team will leave with a better understanding of how to reach your target audience effectively.

Content Generation Strategy

Content is king in the digital world. This workshop will guide your team through the process of creating an editorial plan, selecting the appropriate platforms for your brand, and leading the pack in your niche. You’ll learn how to consistently produce valuable content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

Embracing Automation

Learn how to streamline your marketing efforts with automation in this workshop. We’ll explore how to use technology to scale up your marketing efforts quickly, freeing up your team to focus on strategy and creativity. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to use automation tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Rethinking Your Online Presence

Traditional websites are no longer enough in today’s digital landscape. This workshop will guide your team through the process of creating a more engaging, sales-oriented online presence. We’ll explore the latest trends in web design and user experience, helping you create a website that stands out from the crowd and drives conversions.

Social Media Strategy

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and it’s crucial to stay ahead of the game. In this workshop, we’ll deep dive into each platform’s unique features and algorithms, helping your team understand where to focus your efforts for maximum impact. You’ll learn proven strategies to accelerate your brand’s growth on social media.

Small Team, Big Results

Whether you handle digital marketing in-house or work with an agency, this workshop will equip your team with the tools and tactics to maximize your efforts. We’ll explore efficient ways of working, from project management tools to collaboration techniques. Your team will leave equipped to produce big results, no matter your team’s size.

Company-wide seminars

For companies interested in a broader impact, we offer company-wide seminars in a conference format that will enlighten and engage your entire team, fostering a unified understanding of digital marketing strategies across all departments.

Unlock Your Brand’s Potential

Don’t let your brand languish in the shadows of missed opportunities. Simone Zanetti’s private workshops and company-wide seminars are designed to catapult your business to new heights, all tailored to your unique needs. You’ll gain the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to propel your digital marketing efforts forward, elevating your brand and driving growth like never before. Are you ready to supercharge your team and transform your business? Request our private workshops or company-wide seminars today. It’s time to unlock your brand’s potential and seize the future you envision.



Future-Proof Skills

Equip your team with knowledge and strategies that will stay relevant even as the digital landscape evolves. These skills won’t become obsolete; they’re designed to adapt and deliver results in the changing market.

Immediate Actionable Tactics

No need to wait. Walk away from each session with practical, actionable strategies and tactics that you can implement right away to start seeing improved results.

Tailor-Made for Your Business

Every business is unique, so why should training be any different? Each workshop and seminar is custom-made to address the specific needs, challenges, and objectives of your business.

Supercharge Your Team

Empower your team with advanced digital marketing skills. Watch them transform into a high-performing powerhouse that’s capable of driving your brand to new heights.

Increase Resource Efficiency

Get more from your team. Learn how to optimize resources, streamline processes, and increase productivity, getting the most out of your existing assets.

Beat the Competition

Stay ahead of your competitors with cutting-edge strategies. Get insights into what works in the market, and leverage these to get an edge over your competition.


Investing in Simone Zanetti’s workshops and seminars not only accelerates your business instantly, but it’s also more cost-effective than many hours of generic training. Get targeted, high-value training that delivers greater ROI.

Understand What's Not Working

Gain clarity on your current digital marketing efforts. Identify what’s not working and learn how to pivot your strategies for better outcomes.

Guaranteed ROI

Every cent spent on training is an investment in your future success. With the practical skills and tactics you’ll gain, expect to see a positive return on your investment in terms of improved brand visibility, increased leads, and higher sales.

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