With the success of social media marketing, it’s no surprise that businesses are investing more and more in Facebook and Instagram ads. But one mistake that many marketers and businesses make is thinking that

if they double their ad spend, they’ll get double the results.

The truth

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.
In fact, increasing your ad spend too quickly can actually harm your results by polluting the algorithm.

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, has some of the most powerful machine-learning algorithms in the industry. These algorithms need time to learn and optimise your campaigns for the best possible results. When you increase your ad spend too quickly, you disrupt this learning process, pollute the data feed and the algorithm can’t keep up. This can (and will) lead to lower ad performance, higher costs per conversion, and overall worse results.

Zanetti's 30% rule of online ads


The 30% rule

So, what should you do if you want to increase your ad spend? Here are three steps you can take to maximize your results without polluting the algorithm:

Never increase the budget by more than 30% at once.

While it can be tempting to throw more money at your campaigns, it’s important to do so in a controlled manner. A sudden spike in ad spend can disrupt the algorithm’s learning process and lead to worse results. Instead, increase your budget gradually over time.

Wait for 50 conversions before increasing your budget again.

To give the algorithm time to learn and optimize your campaigns, it’s best to wait until you’ve reached a certain number of conversions before increasing your budget again. For example:

  • if you’re running a lead generation campaign, wait for 50 new leads;
  • if you’re running a traffic campaign, wait for 50 new clicks to your website;
  • if you’re running amn awareness campaign for page likes, wait for 50 new likes.

Increase the budget by 30% again

Once you’ve reached your conversion goal of 50, it’s safe to increase your budget again. However, it’s important to stick to the 30% rule and not increase your budget by too much at once. This will give the algorithm time to adjust to the increased spend and continue optimising your campaigns for the best possible results.

In conclusion

Increasing your ad spend on Facebook and Instagram can be a powerful way to drive results for your business. But it’s important to do so in a controlled manner to avoid polluting the algorithm and harming your results. By following these three steps, you can maximize your ad performance and get the best possible return on investment for your ad spend.

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