How to boost lead conversion with WhatsApp – A Fun Guide for Sales Rockstars!

Boost Lead Conversion with WhatsApp

Written by Simone Zanetti

Simone Zanetti: a 30-year marketing veteran, AI pioneer, diverse content creator, and global entrepreneur. Former CEO of multinational companies, he's now educating the digital world through various platforms.

Are you exhausted from the traditional tedium of sales strategies? Bored of being a cold-call pariah? Don’t worry, my friends; I have an exciting plot twist for you. Now, perk up, sit straight and sip that coffee. Because I’m about to reveal how you can metamorphose your lead conversion with something as simple and fun as… drum roll, please… WhatsApp!

Yes, you got it right! That delightful app we use for chitchatting with friends, giggling over memes, and planning legendary potlucks can also become your secret weapon to strike gold with leads. Intrigued? Let’s dive right in.

No time to read? Watch the video and learn how to Boost Lead Conversion with WhatsApp.

The Fun Part: Warm Intros

With WhatsApp, you can connect with leads on a personal level, without barging into their lives like an unwanted guest. Give them a friendly yet professional intro that doesn’t make them feel cornered, something they’d look forward to rather than screen. But wait, we’re not running an ice-cream truck with a handful of customers here, are we?

First things first: download and install the WhatsApp for desktop here, and connect the number you want to use to contact leads. 

WhatsApp: Your Magic Wand for Lead Conversion

What makes WhatsApp the superhero of lead conversions? Here are a few superpowers that make it stand out:

  1. No Intrusions, Please! – Unlike the cold calls that feel like gatecrashing, WhatsApp messages knock politely on the door.
  2. It’s About Their Time, Not Yours – WhatsApp messages give the freedom to the recipient to respond when they’re not fighting deadlines or cheering for their favorite team on Netflix.
  3. The Warm-Up – Your WhatsApp intro works like the perfect handshake. By the time you call them up, they already know you and are expecting your call.
  4. Control in Their Hands – WhatsApp empowers your prospects. They get to choose when to respond or when they’d prefer a call.

So, why is this important? Let’s visualize it with a common scenario:

Imagine you come across an intriguing Neuromarketing methodology online. You decide to download the PDF, offering up your details. Now, which of these scenarios would you prefer?

a) You receive an out-of-the-blue call in the middle of an important meeting, with someone on the other end trying to peddle a product.

b) You get a friendly WhatsApp message: “Hey Jeremy, this is Simone from Stone in the Shoe. How are you doing today? I saw you downloaded our PDF for DeepFlo™. When would be a good time for a quick call so I can walk you through it?”

The contrast is clear as day. The second approach, our champion WhatsApp, offers a warmer, more respectful and effective way of initiating a conversation that can lead to a fruitful relationship.

Cold calling has been given its last rites

Still questioning the death of cold calling? Consider this – platforms like Truecaller not only highlight those numbers deemed as “spam,” but they also allow users to label you as a nuisance. This single flag could result in your calls being rejected by every Truecaller user out there. The walls have spoken, and they’re not in favor of cold calling.

Now, here’s the kicker

On WhatsApp Desktop, you can’t shoot off a message to someone who’s not nestled cozily in your contact list. Naturally, the thought of cramming hundreds or thousands of leads into your personal contacts list gives you the heebie-jeebies. This is where our magic trick swoops in to save your day (and your contact list).

The Trick: Boost Lead Conversion with WhatsApp Desktop

We’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of leads! So, here comes the WhatsApp hack that lets you chat with your leads without painstakingly typing out individual messages or juggling through contacts. All you need is a catchy script and a magic URL structure.

Here’s the secret: Craft your script, a friendly yet professional intro. Copy your lead’s number, then type “” in your browser followed by the phone number (remember the country code, with or without the “+” sign). Boom! A chat window with your lead pops up, ready for your copy-pasted script, personalized with their name.

 If the mobile number of your prospect is +1234567890, then type on your browser this url: and hit [Enter] on your keyboard.

The Save: Spread the Sheets

I hear you: “Simone, what about the avalanche of responses?” Well, my friend, with a simple spreadsheet or CRM, you can elegantly dance your way through the responses, keeping track of who’s who and when you pinged them. Talk about efficiency, right?

Imagine your leads list looking a bit like what you see below (and remember, this is a just-for-fun mock-up conjured up with ChatGPT – don’t even think about dialing these make-believe numbers, you savvy detectives!).

Know who you are talking to.

 Observe how in our make-believe scenario, I’m gearing up to fire off a WhatsApp message to one Mr. Christopher Lee. Now, it’s crucial to kick off the chat with a friendly “Hey Christopher” or a more formal “Good day, Mr. Lee”. Why, you ask? Well, when our pal Chris shoots back a reply, remember he isn’t in your contacts. You’d only see a bunch of digits – a.k.a. his phone number. You wouldn’t want to play detective, juggling back and forth between the chat and your leads list, trying to match that number to a name. So, having the name right at the start of your message makes life (and lead identification) a whole lot easier.

The Proof: Show Me the Numbers!

To the skeptics out there, let’s have a quick look at the scoreboard. WhatsApp is home to a staggering 2.3 billion users. So, chances are, many of your leads are already there, waiting for your message. Trust me, this WhatsApp strategy has been a game-changer in our lead-to-sales conversion efforts.

The Finale: WhatsApp, Not What’s Up

So, say goodbye to the soul-sucking cold calls and say hello to the fun, efficient world of WhatsApp lead conversion. Remember, the art of sales is about creating warm, respectful connections that don’t scare away your leads.

Go forth, my sales rockstars! Transform those leads with the magic of WhatsApp. And while you’re at it, don’t be shy to share your experiences. Here at “BRAND UP with Simone Zanetti”, we love a good lead conversion story almost as much as creating them!

To infinity and beyond with your lead conversions, my friend. And don’t forget to check out other tips and tricks on

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