Hi there! I’m Simone, I was born in Italy and lived in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, USA and  South Africa (yep, in this order).

I’ve opened several businesses in various industries but the majority are around high-tech digital marketing and AI.

I sold some of my businesses and I’m still a shareholder of 64 companies around the globe.

I’ve learnt most of what I know form people sharing their knowledge so I return the favour sharing in these pages and social media my experience and what I’ve learnt in the past 50 years.

I hope it will help you.

Simone Zanetti

“Money doesn’t make you happy, freedom does”.

In a world where everything is “showing” and not “being”, the freedom to be who you really are is a luxury. The freedom of making memories with people you truly care about is a treasure. Spending time doing what you love, is happiness.

I built my life around these simple principles, and yes, money – if managed properly – is an enabler and it helps to have more freedom.

Freedom is the ultimate Chimera, you can never be really free, but the closer you get, the happier you will be.

A life worth living

Simone Ducati
Simone Motocross
Simone Keynote

Why would you care?

I’m glad you asked 🙂

I strongly believe that if all of us would share the best of what we’ve learnt in our lives, we would have a much better world. I learnt a lot from others and I still do every single day.

On these pages, on social media and on my YouTube channel I share what I’ve learnt and yes, some personal opinions too.

It’s my way to give back. It’s also a sort of memory backup for my sons and people I care about. So if you care, keep reading, you’re welcome.

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